Sep 17, 2013

Useful utility: ConEmu

Have you ever used cmd.exe (a.k.a Windows Console)? In my day to day tasks usually I have from 2 ~ 3 consoles open, which brings me to this post.

Lets be fair: Anyone that has used any *nix based shell (bash comes to my mind), usually considers (seriously) moving to Linux or some *nix based OS ;)

Even though I do recommend using a different OS, such a radical change is not required all you want is a better experience when using a console; on Windows, there are some alternatives to cmd.exe; for instance, I have used console2 for some time and recently I switched to ConEmu (mostly because it has been updated more frequently); in any case I do recommend you to take the time to check both to see which one you adapt better, if any :).

Since I started using such console replacements I don't miss cmd.exe even for a second ;)

(Este post em Português)

Happy coding.


JuciÊ Andrade said...

Obrigado pela dica, Adriano. Estou gostando do ConEmu.

Adriano Verona said...


Tem alguém que lê meu blog ;)

Adriano Verona said...

BTW, JuciÊ, u r welcome :)