Sep 25, 2012

Angry user...

Sorry, I could not resist the pun :)

Well, some time ago (to be more precise 1 1/2 years ago) I've bought a (Chinese) Android Tablet so I could experiment, play games and may be try to develop some program (of course I've failed miserable to write any application for it :(. You can see a picture of the device bellow (it ended up to be much more resistant than what I expected! You can see its cracked 
screen due to 2 ~ 3 not so smooth landings - thanks to my young daughter):

Anyway, I use it regularly for reading ebooks, email reading and playing basic games. Talking about games I used to play "Angry Birds" (all free editions) on this device with no problems at all; but at some point in time something has changed and since then I am not able to play it anymore. The symptoms are always the same: I launch the game, its "splash screen" shows up followed by some screens and finally the "loading" screen shows up but then the application just dies without any trace! 

I had just accepted the fact that I'd not be able to play this game again on this device but last weekend I was recovering from a small surgery and I decided to investigate it a little bit more.

First thing I did was to install a log viewer (I'm using aLogCat) to check if I could find anything on Android logs. Indeed it was pretty easy to find the information I was looking for:

E/HttpRequestHelper( 4956): Exception from HttpClient.execute.
E/HttpRequestHelper( 4956):
E/HttpRequestHelper( 4956): at
E/HttpRequestHelper( 4956): at
E/HttpRequestHelper( 4956): at
E/HttpRequestHelper( 4956): at org.apache.http.impl.conn.DefaultClientConnectionOperator.openConnection(
E/HttpRequestHelper( 4956): at
E/HttpRequestHelper( 4956): at

Huum... ok, so the application tried to resolve the host "" and it failed bringing the whole app down! WTF? (I tried to access this host from my desktop and the result is the same (
Interesting enough, as well does exist) so I assume the problem is directly related to the subdomain "rovio" on

Searching on net for this error did not bring any useful answer. Also I've tried to clear Angry Birds application data, 
re-install it and even a device factory reset (due to other issues) to no avail :(. 

Have you seem this error? Any ideas how to fix it? I doubt I am the first one to stumble on it!

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