Aug 15, 2012

Windows 8 / Visual Studio 2012


Getting back to the subject I am more comfortable with, MS just released Windows 8 / VS 2012 (for MSDN and Technet subscribers). Off course I am downloading both right now but this is the first time, since Windows 95 launch, that I am not going to install the new MS OS as soon as it gets released. 

To be honest I am not even considering installing it (on my main dev machine) in the next 6 ~ 12 months! Contrast that to what I've been doing in the past 
(I've used Vista / Windows 7 RC!) and you can see how "excited" I am about it (maybe I install it on a virtual machine so I can experiment with it). Anyway, sooner or later I'll end up formatting my dev machine and the question is: am I going to give Windows 8 a try? Or shall I take a more drastic approach and install Ubuntu? This bring me to the second MS release.. VS 2012.

One of the main reasons I'm procrastinating migrating to a Linux OS is that I really enjoy developing using .Net (yeah, I do know Mono; the problem is: the bulk of .Net development is still concentrated on MS platform. Also, 
IMHO, *nix lacks a good .Net IDE).

Of course my friends (at least the ones in the software development field) knows that that is not completely  true: I also enjoy MS technology in general (COM+ pops up as one example).

What do you think? Should I dive into Windows 8?

BTW: Visual Studio download finished! This one for sure I'll get installed in the next few days ;)

Happy codding!

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