Aug 31, 2012

My adventures with Arduino continues...


In this post I listed some components/shields/breakout boards that I want to try with Arduino. Well, last weak one of the missing components in order to test my ethernet breakout board (one very similar to the one in this post) arrived.

Like I child with a new toy I took the evening to try it out. After some time I finally got it connected (unfortunately there's not much information about the ethernet breakout board I've got in the net) but to my frustration I could not get it to work. :(

Basically I connected my Arduino Mega to the breakout as follows:

ENC28J60    Arduino
WOL            NC
SO               50
SI                51
SCK             52
CS               53
RESET          RESET
VCC             3v3
Gnd             Gnd

When I power up the Arduino board I can see that a red led also lights up on the ethernet breaakout board but its statuses leds does not blink / flash.

After a lot of time checking it my guess is that either the breakout board is defective or that it requires a crossover cable (I've tried various cables connecting it both my router and my computer directly) (
ENC28J60  datasheet claims that it supports "One 10Base-T Port with Automatic Polarity Detection and Correction" but this doesn't looks to be the same as auto MDI/MDIX to me).

Well next steps:
  • Ask for help on Arduino forums (already did)
  • Try to get a crossover cable to check.
  • Try to exchange it with a new one
  • Hope that someone have already faced this issue
As soon as I get any update to this I'll post comments here.

BTW, if you have any idea how to test / get this working, drop me a comment.

In time: I just received a "bluetooth" breakout board :) but this will need to wait to get tested.

Happy programming.

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