May 16, 2010

Installing Nokia SDK on a Windows 7 box


As you can figure out based on the post title, I want to start to play with Mobile development using Java (no, I haven't gave up on .Net :); it just happens that I own an N95 and I want to write a little application for it1).

After downloading latest Nokia SDK I  tried to follow the steps in the documentation (IDEs for Java Development) but I just get the infamous error:

Cannot start Series 60 SDK for MIDP

while importing the device.

Thanks God, it was just a matter of "googling" for the error message and I got the following page's_Java_Platform_(Carbide.j)

which fixed the issue (I just search in my hard disks and found 5 copies of the offending DLL).

Well, since my daughter has just born I guess this project will run really slowly but I hope it will not stall :) 



1. I am planning to write an application that stores information about gym exercises in a db4o database. 

May 11, 2010

Project deployed


In the latest days I've been really busy with the deployment of the project formerly known as "baby 2.0" (by the way, the official project name is Gabriela). 

Last Thursday (May, 6) my daughter was born with 4.1 Kg and 52 cm. Of course my whole family if very happy and I an my wife are very proud :)

Following you can see some pictures of her:



That's it for now (I'm gonna to sleep :))