Jun 19, 2009

Hexadecimal Control Viewer DotNet


Some time ago I started developing a .Net application that requires a control to display hexadecimal values; considering that I could not find a suitable one (and also, that I do suffer for the NIH syndrome) I decided to write one myself.

After some time developing the application I lost interest (since I moved jobs and the main goal of the application was to make my previous job easier) and now it is kind of abandoned but I think that the hexadecimal control may be handy for some developers.

Here is a list of this control's main features:
  • Find
  • Print / Print Preview
  • Ranges: It's possible to specify that some byte ranges should be displayed with a specific color for instance
  • Selection
  • Cut/Past
Since the application is released under an open source license anyone can grab the sources, or, if you are interested I can add you as a developer on source forge!



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Anonymous said...

thx, can be nice to learn something new :)