Jan 7, 2009

First impressions of Windows 7


As a computer addicted I decided to download Windows 7 Beta 1 (32 bits) and give it a try (if you are interested, just search for "Windows 7 Beta1" in your favorite search engine and I am sure you'll find your way :)

In this post I want to present my first impressions about it. Please, note that I am not an expert in this subject and also that this is just my opinion based on my perception without any pretension regarding "data" accuracy.

I need to admit that I am impressed about it. My first impression is that it is way faster than Vista when running on the same machine; at least it is pretty responsive. Bellow you can find a list of items that caught  my attention and won my respect (at least for now):

  • Fast Installation: ~ 20 min for a full install.

  • Few prompts during installation.

  • No problems with device drivers at all (Video, audio, keyboard, etc)
    • Some devices already have preliminary versions for Windows 7
      I guess that this is more a result of not introducing deeper changes to the driver model (Vista introduced really deep changes there).

  • There are some compatible antivirus already.

  • Looks really fast on a relatively old hardware

  • I really liked the UI changes (even being minor changes).
  • Just a few UAC prompts
    • Using it for some time I have seem UAC prompts only for software installation.

  • IE 8 is not as fast as I'd like it to be. (But I've already installed firefox)
 Bellow you can see a screen shot.

Well, that's it for now.


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