Oct 22, 2008

Never give up

At least this seems to be the main approach of hackers.

In the last couple weeks I received at least 7 messages from the same sender, with the exact same contents:

It's in portuguese (at least) and says something like: "Hey dude, here are the photos!".

What photos? I don't remember asking any friend called "gabriel" to send me any photo ;) even more with supposedly annexed photos linked to files like "fotos_237.com" on a very suspicious server (at least the guy wrote my name correctly)! No thanks !!!

In this same time range I got other "phishing" emails like:

Another email in Portuguese, pretending to be from hotmail trying to foolish me to get in panic and click on a link. 

This one (also in portuguese) is supposedly a "Virtual Card" from a girl named "Carla". It even includes a "copyright" notice in the end of the email.

Well, maybe may mommy would be tempted to clink on these links but not me. Anyway, this kind of threat is getting more sophisticated as time passes so pay attention where you put your mouse :).



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Strange, I'm receiving an email that reads this:
20:35:27 Fotos 27/06 :

Imagens anexadas: DSC_0442.jpg - DSC_0443.jpg - DSC_0444.jpg

What's strange about it, is that I'm receiving it from an old ICQ chat buddy from Hong Kong who I haven't spoken with in almost 10 years.

The recipients were a sample of a serial mass-email contact list:
ajwad2***@hotmail.com, alapo***@yahoo.com, alinad***@hotmail.com, angel_naisweeth***@yahoo.com, angel198***@hotmail.com, aoago***@hotmail.com

How strange.