Oct 30, 2008

Benefits of working from home - VI - Mange my time


Have you ever needed to ask (embarrassed) your boss to let you leave early so you could go to the doctor or to address some personal issue?

Well, not have to do this is another benefit of working from home :) as (usually) you are in charge of managing your own time!

Of course this is not an "all or nothing situation". Even when I had a "traditional" job my bosses were kind (or intelligent) enough (I bet they were both :) to let me deal with my personal issues during my working time if that were necessary.

My point is that nowadays all I have to do is to get organized so I don't miss any meeting, pair session and/or a dead line and everything is fine :). It's even better as I can choose the best time (a time in which I'll get less traffic, that is not to hot, etc.) to do my personal stuff.

Thats it! Even though being far from a comprehensive list of the advantages of working from home, I finally reached the last (but not least) advantage I wanted to blog about. In the next posts I'll talk about some drawbacks.

Do you have any other advantages in mind? Please, share with us!



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