Oct 13, 2008

Benefits of working from home - Part IV - DIY


How many times a developer approached you to ask something he/she could have
easily find by himself have he/she bothered to spend 10 minutes to do a google search?

And let's be fair, how many times you feel compelled to do the same? I have to confess that even being a firm believer of
"search before asking" principle, sometimes I do find myself doing the opposite: asking before looking for information.

And this lead us to this post subject: Working from home gave me more incentive to do "the right thing" :), i.e, to look for solutions prior to asking the guy next to me - after all there's no such thing as the "guy next to me" :)

At db4o we do exchange lots of information/knowledge but since we are not at the same room (and in most cases we are at different timezones also) it's more practical to do a quick search and try to fix/solve issues by myself. Only after spending some time in my own research I think about asking the gurus.

This attitude (searching before asking) leads to a better understanding of the subject and other developers will not be interrupted to explain. Of course (IMHO) there are times (and subjects) that requires someone with more knowledge to guide other developers.

Anyway, I do believe that the process of explaining some subject may help you to get more insight about it and I do appreciate helping other teammates to improve their knowledge (Nowadays I'm learning more than helping :).

What do you think?


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