Oct 3, 2008

Benefits of working from home - Part II : No need to commute

In the previous post I just said I'd think aloud about advantages/drawbacks of working from home.

Let's take the half-full approach and present the advantages first starting with not needing to commute.

Well, before joining db4o I used to live in São Paulo - Brazil, so this point is pretty easy one ;)

Anyone that knows just a little bit about São Paulo knows that it has a very bad traffic! Usually, in the days that the traffic was not that bad, it used to took me no less than 1 hour from my house to my work place (and I was fortunate enough to not live that far from my job). So 2 hours of my life was spent in a car every

Also, not being required to commute (and so avoiding traffic jams) made my expenses with car maintenance
drop a little bit and getting involved in a car crash less likely.

As a bonus of not commuting I don't have to find a place to park in a, usually, crowed place :)

So, IMHO this is a huge advantage.

The next post will be closely related to this one but I'll talk about my working time.

PS: Do you work from home? What are your opinion about the subject?

See you!


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