Jun 29, 2008

Do it yourself

Hi, I'm a strong believer that the DIY (Dot it yourself) philosophy helps to improve knowledge on the topic you are working on. So if you If you are a developer using (or planing to use) db4o (and have the time), I highly recommend to try do build it yourself as explained here. One point that can be further explored is the possibility to run the tests on a ramdisk in order to improve performance (in may machine I get an improvement of 20%). To be able to do this you need to create a ramdisk (personally I use this one) and them set 2 properties in our machine.properties file: java.vmargs=-Ddb4ounit.file.path=DIR -Djava.io.tmpdir=DIR dir.tests.temp=DIR Here, DIR is an path to your ramdisk (in may case I use r:/temp). Adriano

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