May 15, 2008

Usefull firefox trick

There is one little trick in Firefox that few people I know are aware of: It's possible to create "shortcuts" in order to make it easy to browse for sites that accepts inputs.

As an example let's take the free dictionary, very nice (guess what ??) dictionary site :)

When you browse to and enter a word to search it navigates to

In Firefox we can add a shortcut so we can speedy our browsing experience. See the example below

Instead going to the TheFreeDictionary site and then typing the word we want to look for (for instance, cake), just type tfd cake in firefox address bar! Simple like that! :)

In order to make this work we need to tell firefox that we want a shortcut named tfd (you can name it at your will) and that it must navigate to

To do this, open bookmark manager (CTRL-B) add a new bookmark as follow:

(note the url:

Press Add and you are done! Now just type tfd cake on firefox address bar!


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