Oct 6, 2007

New challenges.

This week I've joined db4objects team to contribute with the .Net development side (but I'm pretty sure I'll do a lot of Java development also). Indeed it has been a busy week; lots of new concepts and code to get to know, new management style, new tools, etc. I'll be working from my home (cool!!), collaborating with a distributed (talented) development team through skype. Some may call me crazy but db4objects have a cool product to work with and this opportunity will let me dedicate more time to my family, to study new topics (related to computers, of course), to watch movies, etc (I know, studies proved that working in home means to work more, but I'll get some spare time cause I'll not be required to go to jammed traffic :) Also, you can expect to see more posts on this blog covering db4o ;) Well, that's it. Adriano

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