Oct 24, 2007

Do you fear ghosts?

Well, me too, at least until one month ago :) Seriously, a long time ago (maybe not so long), Rodrigo, a great friend of mine, started talking about write a new language for the .Net platform. Of course, I promptly ignored him, after all, who needs another computer language? Some time passed and I started to hear about a new language called Boo. I was so deeply entrenched in my own world that it took me some time (and some books also :) to realize that that would be great to be exposed to a lot of new concepts (at least to me). Well, yesterday I've wrote my first Boo program! Sure, it's a humble one but it's a start. In order to learn (not only the syntax, but a lot of concepts such closures, ducking typing, etc.) I'll try to write more code using boo from now on :) And for those curious minds out there, here is my first piece of Boo code :)
def Sum(list):
 ret = 0
 for value as int in list:
    ret = ret + value
 return ret

list = (1, 2, 3, 4)
for v in list:
print Sum(list)
This is really very simple: Lines 1 ~ 5 defines a function called Sum. Line 7 declares a variable (list) that holds an integer list from 1 to 4 Lines 8 ~9 prints this list to console, item by item Line 11 prints the result of Sum when called with list as the argument. Thats it. Adriano

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