May 11, 2010

Project deployed


In the latest days I've been really busy with the deployment of the project formerly known as "baby 2.0" (by the way, the official project name is Gabriela). 

Last Thursday (May, 6) my daughter was born with 4.1 Kg and 52 cm. Of course my whole family if very happy and I an my wife are very proud :)

Following you can see some pictures of her:



That's it for now (I'm gonna to sleep :))




Anonymous said...

Opa, parabéns papai, que Deus abençoe vocês. Gostei das fotos Adriano, cabelo tá mais branco heim :)

Rodolfo Grave said...

Hey, congratulations to you too. I was tracing back the comment you left on my blog and I found this. Now this is an achievement!

I hope I can write the same soon.