May 16, 2010

Installing Nokia SDK on a Windows 7 box


As you can figure out based on the post title, I want to start to play with Mobile development using Java (no, I haven't gave up on .Net :); it just happens that I own an N95 and I want to write a little application for it1).

After downloading latest Nokia SDK I  tried to follow the steps in the documentation (IDEs for Java Development) but I just get the infamous error:

Cannot start Series 60 SDK for MIDP

while importing the device.

Thanks God, it was just a matter of "googling" for the error message and I got the following page's_Java_Platform_(Carbide.j)

which fixed the issue (I just search in my hard disks and found 5 copies of the offending DLL).

Well, since my daughter has just born I guess this project will run really slowly but I hope it will not stall :) 



1. I am planning to write an application that stores information about gym exercises in a db4o database. 

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Franco said...

great .. you were very usefull !! thanks a lot